The Canberra Times, 2009
In a review of the Cyrenes 20th anniversary concert, the Canberra Times described the Cyrenes as “…one glorious, resonant female voice”

Virginia Haussegger, ABC TV, Canberra, 2011
At the opening of a photographic exhibition about Afghanistan women
"What a wonderful and generous group you are. Your voices, movement and poetry helped welcome and ground [us] in all that's good about humankind. You filled [us] with the spirit of love and hope, and most importantly, compassion."

Canberra Jazz Blog
Eric Pozza
Review of the Cyrenes, 15 January 2013, High Court of Australia
“The Cyrenes have been together for 20 years and they sing with a conductor and without charts and this all helps listening and expression. They were comfortable musically and welcoming personally and it shows in their sound... So I found the sounds and voices lovely and sometimes beauteous and not at all shrill or tiring. But perhaps I’ll take away a memory of women’s business. These songs all said something: sometimes in words; sometimes in the emotional truth of the music.”
Thanks to Eric Pozza for permission to use this quote
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