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The Cyrenes have produced two CDs. Listen to Soul Wind, a song from our CD Diving for Pearls

We were honoured to perform at the National Museum of Australia on 8 March 2018 in celebration of International Women's Day. Some of the songs we performed include I can't keep quiet, Batonebo, Bridge over troubled water, Happy earth, One voice and Tiddas: You are my sisters. The song I can't keep quiet was written for the March for Women, Washington DC, January 2017.



CD Diving for Pearls:

Bridge Over Troubled Water

Bridge over troubled water:

Happy Earth

Happy Earth:

CD For the Love of it:

I Can't Keep Quiet

IWD at National Museum:

One Voice

Demo MP3:

Soul Wind

This is one of the choir's favourite songs and is on our CD, Diving for Pearls

CD Diving for Pearls:

Tiddas: You are my sisters

CD Diving for Pearls:

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