Benefits of singing

Why sing?

Research shows that there are many physical, psychological and social benefits of singing in a choir. The Cyrenes say that singing is part of the joy and well-being of life. So why wait - join the Cyrenes now! Visit our Become a member page to find out how to join us.

In summary, singing: 
-  helps forge social bonds
-  helps to unite large groups of people and broadens social networks
-  can improve breathing and help to manage stress
-  exercises the brain and the body
-  can assist with pain management
-  aids memory development
-  improves happiness and wellbeing


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6 reasons to join a choir: according to Meg Bignell's new book The Angry Women's Choir (July 2022)
  1. Choirs are a great place to make new friends: When Freycinet first watched the choir perform, she was awestruck by their power. The women quickly welcomed her into their group, however, giving her an entirely new set of friends outside of her immediate social circles.
  2. It will make you more tenacious: According to the choir leader in the book, strengthening your diaphragm, ‘helps to sustain tenacity.’ Throughout the novel, the women in the choir display extreme tenacity, empowered by their love of singing.
  3. It will make you feel good: One of the major characters in the novel, Kyrie says ‘singing is the best medicine I know.’ And she’s right – studies suggest that choir singing can stimulate the immune response, helping you to stay healthy.  
  4. You meet people you wouldn’t normally meet otherwise: When Freycinet first sees the West Moonah Woman’s Choir rehearse, she can’t help but realise the wide spread of women involved. From a young academic, to ballgown-wearing murderess, to an ethereal choir director, a shared interest brought unlikely acquaintances together. The same is true in most choirs, where a shared passion for singing brings together vocalists of all ages and backgrounds.
  5. A choir can be a support network: Throughout the novel, several characters experience hardship. Whether those hardships take the form of marital problems or terminal illness, the choir nevertheless acts as a support network during tough times.
  6. Doing an activity you love can give you a sense of purpose: At the beginning of the novel, Freycinet feels lost and bored in her day-to-day life. When she first comes across the choir, she feels revitalised, excited and inspired – all feelings that had been on the backburner. Once Freycinet joins the choir, she feels like it was the missing piece to the puzzle and is far more fulfilled than before.
    ​​​             Excerpt from Penguin blurb about the book

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